Friday, 11 June 2010

New Advice from the Steele Man

Losing these 3 kilos is the most difficult bit of the programme, because to achieve it you have to step up your fitness training routine "work harder and faster" and doing this will increase your muscles, and muscles weigh more than fat! So see the problem? I know that you keep avoiding this advice. But take note, I warn you for the last time! Working under an enhanced more stringent programme means you really do need to organise a leg masseuse to give your legs a maintenance massage once a fortnight. If you don't your tightness will return and ultimately the legs will sieze up again. As I told you before, if you need a physiotherapist then it's too late! So contact your local gym, check your local paper to find a masseuse and get a fortnightly 30 minute massage slot organised.

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