Wednesday, 31 March 2010


You see you must understand why it is so hard for me to stick to the diet, I am running like crazy, the diet is not doing so well, I am still at 84KG which is good! I am racing at Pembray race track this weekend, we hope I will be sailing past the competition with my 10KG less than last year.

Monday, 29 March 2010


Running pretty fast now, fast for me that is, I am trying on the reps,
they are a killer.
The diet is not going as planned, I am trying....

Sunday, 28 March 2010


Even with two dinners out over the weekend, I am doing well. I was
supposed to run a 10 or 5k race Sunday morning, I did not have a
medical certificate so I was unable to comptete.
There is no way I can do the reps, I tried, I can increase the pace
then slow down but that's it, another 2 months maybe.
I ran last eve 50 mins and this morning 35 mins, this is my oat
crunchy with kiwi juice for breakfast

Saturday, 27 March 2010


List my telephone last night, so a late update here, found it now.
This morningvtried the reps again!!!!!!!! The best I could do irks
speed up a bit the slow down a bit..... I will get to it, I will I will.
This morning after the run 48 mins and after breakfast I was 83 KG
Good sign, I am going to enter a 5k race in my home town tomorrow.
There is a 10k I will go easy.....

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Get ready

Grey and overcast, a short 25 min run today, I am going to try again
the reps tomorrow, getting ready
Forgot to wiegh myself last night.


So in order to ride this little TZ250j from this is what I have achieved since january 24 2010, running nearly every day starving myself, with the encouragement of the Steele man who has followed me just about everyday.

24, March 2010 83.9KG
23, 84.2KG
22, 84.3KG
21, 85KG
20, 85.5KG
18, 85.8KG
16, 84.5KG
13, 84.8KG
8, 85.5KG
4, 84.8KG
3, 85.4KG
2, 84.9KG
1, 85.1KG
28, Febuary 2010 85.4KG
26, 86.8KG
25, 87.2KG
24, 88KG
22, 88.1KG
21, 88.2KG
11, 88.8KG
10, 89KG
9, 89.2KG
8, 88.7KG
5, 89.4KG
24, January 2010 93.7KG

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Holy moly I tried the reps today, did one it nearly killed me, best I
could do after that is to step up the pace and slow down the pace,
this is a killer, another two years of practice I might make it....
Did 44 min run this morning and it felt like two hours
Aside from that all is going well I did not think the wieght would
still come down but it is. I am being quite good with the eating part,
no bread just a little cheese, no potato no butter, kiwi juice on my
granola, if I have a dessert it will be yogurt(framage blanc)


So the Steele man does not agree on me postponing the reps part of my exercise program, so tomorrow I have to start! here's what he says
"You really do need to get on and do those reps. They are a very important part of your exercise programme! Really, they are. And you are fit enough to do them! So do them tomorrow PLEASE. Trust the STEELE MAN on this!"
Up until now this program has been quite easy.....


So it's still going down, yesterday was my day off so this mornings
run was hard to start but half way through I got on the pace, 55
I have not started the reps yet, I am not sure I am ready 4 mins run
as fast as poss, 1 min jogging this is repeated 10 times, another few

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


This is my dietman snack, 8 pitted prunes 1 kiwi and one banana
Now my weight down to an all time low, I am re inspired
No running today as it's the day off, tomorrow a real run


So now I am back into weighing myself at night! 84.3 going well!
Today is my day off, yesterday I ran 48 minutes in the morning and played badminton for 2 hours in the evening, I was beat.
So I did reward myself with 2 glasses of wine with dinner, roast chicken and salad, I did not have the frites.... but a tiny bit of cheese.
I need to keep going......

Monday, 22 March 2010


I am going to get back on track now, I gave a big race coming up 3&4
Apr so I have to be in shape. Today 45 min run legs swings and
stretching, now I will make some fresh kiwi juice with my granola.

Sunday, 21 March 2010


I am not keeping track of my evening wieght, might be because I am
straying with my diet, trying to keep up with exercise, this does not
really work. The eating is the most important to keep the weight down,
the exercise will keep me fit and healthy, trouble is I need the both
of them.
This morning I had teenage girl run with me! Seranna, not sure she
will run with me again though, we ran for 1 hour and I think she was a
bit knackered at the end of it. A good run anyway.

Saturday, 20 March 2010


I am really not losing weight because I have been doing a lot of off
diet, but I have been very good wigh the running
Friday I missed as I had to leave home at 6.30am and got home at
8.30pm and went straight out with freinds
Today I ran over an hour 60 legs swings per leg and stretching, and
the sun is out, what could be better

Thursday, 18 March 2010


So the weight is hovering around 85, that's ok, maybe it will go down
another 2-4 kg but not more. Now it's the fitness that will count, I
ran yesterday eve and not in the morning, I seem to be able to run
better in the end of the day. A good 45 min run, legs swings and
stretching afterwoods.
I will be at Pembery Race track in Wales UK the 3&4 April, this is
what it's all been for. The running and exercise I am good at keeping
up with it's the eating habbits are very hard to keep up with, I can
do my best.....

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sunrise in Bordeaux

Beautiful sunrise in Bordeaux , last nigt I was off diet, very nice
restaurant in Bordeaux , so this morning 45 min run and 30 X 4 leg
No scale here so will see when I get home tonight

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Good 48 min run this morning, seems to be harder with the day off!
I am not sticking to the diet, had some cheese and wine last night#%
back on track as I will be racing at Pembrey race track in Wales on
the 3&4 April, all spectators are welcome.

Sunday, 14 March 2010


Did not get my weight last night so let's forget the guessing.
Yesterday was my day off, so I got a bike ride in the morning then a
good 45 min swim in the evening, today I ran a little over an hour....
Phew day off on Monday.
The whole Steele program is working very well, feeling good and I felt
good on the race bike last Thursday, having brought new leathers I may
have to have them adjusted. I do fit in my old leathers now but the
protection is not at all the same, so I will stay with the new ones.

Saturday, 13 March 2010


I have spent the last three days in England with Vince Cundle from
preparing the racing bikes, quite a few very anoying problems. I did
get my running in and even had a 1 hour run with the Steele man, he
did not cut me any slack, ran me into the ground, chatting away like
it was a Sunday stroll. Meanwhile I was puffing and panting just
trying to keep up.
I did not keep 100% to my diet, but it was very much worth it, great

Monday, 8 March 2010


Back up to 85.5 kg last night ? Anyway I have new running shoes and
they work great. Today I am going England to test the TZ 250 Yamaha
racing bike at Brands Hatch race track, so that will be great. Also on
Friday morning I am going to run with the Steele man himself.

New shoes

New shoes, custom fit and raring to go!!!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Long road

This is for sure a long road, I am below 85kg only just, it's harder
Last night extended my run to 47 minutes and kept my pace up to 85
steps a minute pretty much the whole way, bit difficult this morning,
my 30 min run was tough. I am gearing up for my 60 minute run
tomorrow, as of tomorrow I am no longer doing two runs per day, the
Steele man has me on a new system(see previous blogs, gives the new
scheduel) now it's getting serious! Tomorrow morning I will play
squash, then run early evening, Monday day off!

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Last night was a releif back down to below 85!! Phew
Last night I swam for an hour instead of running as my leg muscles are
feelinv a little stiff, I was goingvto do 45 min run this morning to
prepare for Sundays 60 min run... Didn't make it, only got 30 mins

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


85.4kg yikes now it's going back up!! This morning after my run I was
84.1kg seems a large gap.
My pace is going well, I am doing 85 steps per minute, this ramains
prety constant all the time and my stride seems smoother now, this is
important as there is less impact, I can feel this.
I am not sure I have really reduced my food intake, a lot of things
cut out, which is good. I will need to think about reduceing the
amount on my plate.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


7 am the sun is not quite up yet!
I had to guess on my evening weight as I forgot to do it last night
Running along the seine this morning was very nice, 32 min run.

The Food.

Along with the new exercise is a new food plan............ can I keep up
Here is your new diet plan.

Breakfast (after your run)
1 sliced Banana and 1 chopped Apple with 250g of Fat Free Natural Yoghurt
1 Black Coffee
1 Medium Glass of fresh Fruit Juice
1 Large glass of water

Morning Snack
1 Banana
1 Apple
10 Pitted Prunes
1 Medium glass of water

Lunch 1 - Accompanied with a large glass of water
1 Portion of Cannellini Beans (Instructions on how to prepare and cook the Cannellini Beans are coming via a separate email)
1 Tuna Steak (or 1/2 tin of Tinned Tuna)
Slice of Red Onion
Some Basil
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil

30 minutes break

Lunch 2 - Accompanied with a large glass of water
Grilled Chicken Breast
Rocket Salad
Cherry Tomatoes
Slice of Red Onion
Olive Oil

Afternoon Snack
1 Hard Boiled Egg
1 Medium glass of water

Supper 1 - Accompanied with a large glass of water
40 pieces of Penne Pasta (or equivalent pasta amount of a different shape)
The Pasta's sugo should be as non fatty as possible. Also, the sugo should be an accompaniment to the Pasta. I.E. the pasta is the main part of the meal, not the sugo!!

100 to 120 minutes break

Supper 2 - Accompanied with a medium glass of water
1 sliced Banana and 1 chopped Apple with 250g of Fat Free Natural Yoghurt

Good luck


The Real Exercise Begins!!!

So now its starts to get serious, up untill now it has just been a warm up to the real thing, the first step of course is to lose weight to I can actually get on this racing machine, then I have to be in tip top shape to be able to ride it fast. Also the reality is that falling off will happen, when we are fit and strong this is not too bad, we can bounce right back. So here is the new program, not to start right away as you see so I have time to get used to it. And I get a day off, pretty good
Here is your new diet and exercise plan. You have one week to invoke it (so you are to start it on Monday 8th March).

Firstly. Your new exercise plan.

NB. You should be pacing between 85 to 90 paces per minute. So you will need a watch that beeps every minute!

It does not matter what time of day you do these. The important thing though, is that you have 24 hours rest between them.

45 Minute Run

45 Minute Run

45 Minute Run

45 Minute Run

Friday - Sessions
10 Minute warm up Jog
4 Minute Sprint (run as fast as you can)
1 Minute Rest (keep moving, turn round and jog to your new start line)
4 Minute Sprint (run as fast as you can)
1 Minute Rest (keep moving, turn round and jog to your new start line)
4 Minute Sprint (run as fast as you can)
1 Minute Rest (keep moving, turn round and jog to your new start line)
4 Minute Sprint (run as fast as you can)
1 Minute Rest (keep moving, turn round and jog to your new start line)
4 Minute Sprint (run as fast as you can)
1 Minute Rest (keep moving, turn round and jog to your new start line)
4 Minute Sprint (run as fast as you can)
10 Minute warm down jog home

Rest Day

60 Minute Run

Good luck and do your best, The Steele Man

Monday, 1 March 2010


Well that's a bit depressing, I have gone up .3KG..... I was 84.8KG
the eve before. I suppose it cannot be all perfect, I have been very
strict about the two exercise a day, pretty strict about what I
eat..... I will have to keep working.
Better news tomorrow


This is another big step, down to below 95KG!!!! I did not think it
would go this fast. Still doing the 4km run two times a day, tonight I
will play badminton for two hours. I am sure it's the excercise two
times a day which is the big secret.