Sunday, 28 February 2010


Sunday morning.... Wind rain etc my run this morning was tough,
running into the wind and rain. Last night I was down to 85.4KG pretty
good... I don't think I could have done this without the Steele Man!!

Saturday, 27 February 2010


This is why I have to take a picture of the scale at night, by the
morning I have forgotten what it said!!!! This morning after run I was
But people have mentioned seeing a picture of my toenails is not the
greatest, gotta figure a way of doing this then.

Friday, 26 February 2010

The New Man begins

I think that with the progress I am making here is very good, right from how I feel mentally and physically, also there is a great sense of achievement, the running is getting easier, I feel better in the mornings, drinking is nearly cut out completely. The Steele man has to say "Your headaches more than likely were due to the wine. Soon, your body's muscles will get used to the exercise you are giving them every day and the effort you are putting in to perform your exercise will become easier and, your energy level throughout the whole day, will increase"
From the horses mouth as they say!

Thursday, 25 February 2010


This morning at 7am cold damp windy rain, still got my 4km run in!
This morning I had my muesli with kiwi juice excellent.
The running is going really well, I have started to have some aches
and pains in my knees, that is all going away and I am feeling really
good my digestive system is feeling so much better, I don't have
headaches, this must be due to cutting out 7-8 bottles of wine per
week, with no wine it has not been hard to cut out cheese.
Let's hope the weather clears up so it's a bit more pleasant to run.

Afternoon run

I got an afternoon run in today, while waiting for a small repair at
the garage for my car, 4 KM 30 mins.... After rain and rain, the sun
came out, beautiful

Lunch today

After I went out on the bike to check the distance I run, i gave an
odometer on my bicycle. So I am doing 4.25KM in 30 mins, later I will
publish what the Steele mans says, good or bad.
Lunch today is 2 boiled eggs, steamed corgette and a thin slice of
ham, with a bowl of pumkin soup, this is very filling, maybe even too


Last night was my birthday, I
We had some very nice friends over... Champagne, wine.... Smoked
salmon and salad, small piece of orange cake made by my daughter. My
wife made a really nice birthday party, she really looked after me!!!!!
Even with the party I am still losing wieght, last night at midnight I
was 87.2KG. This morning my 30min run was at 8am instead of 7am

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wednesday night swim

As a birthday treat I had a swim tonight, I am supposed to do 1 hour
fast crawl, after 45 mins the pool closed so my swim was cut short! I
do a little under 30 seconds for a lap of 25 meters so I do normaly
120 laps per hour, 120X25m is 3000 meters, 3 kilometers per hour, not
bad for a 49 year old.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Cold damp rainy morning, I did get in a 35 min run this morning, last
night I was down to 88KG this is a big step, only 5 to go then it's
it's just keeping in shape. In order to ride this little TZ250 racing
bike I have to get more supple.
Lots of work to do......

Steele Man

Some reassuring words from the Steele man, but no rewards yet!
"Francis. 5.7kg loss is good going. However, as you are aware, the loss rate is on a reducing sliding scale. So you now have to step up the work rate and get on a "power diet". Before this starts you need to get yourself into a couple of independent running shops to compare their shoe reccomendations and, buy yourself a watch that you can set to beep every minute during exercise. Mine's a Polar S810

I shall write up your power diet and revised exercise programme during this week. In the meantime keep up the good effort. You are doing well so pat yourself on the back (by the way, that's not code for open a bottle of wine)!!"
So I have to work even harder now... Yikes

Monday, 22 February 2010


Well last night I missed my badminton as I got hone too late, we have
an Irish student staying with us for a week, have to make dinner,
grilled chicken with balsamic, mashed potato and salad, I did not have
the mashed potato.
I did get a run in last night and this morning, so still on track.
Coming up for one month of diet man, the 24 feb(my birthday) will be
one month, if I get down to 88kg tonight it will meand I have lost
5.7kg I think that's pretty good. I will have to step up the pace as I
understand the next 5kg will be harder.
Making juice this morning

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Great holidays, great trip back, went off diet this weekend but it was
worth it, very nice lunch with our friends on Sunday . Then a smooth
no traffic drive home. Little frustrating to find last night that I
was 88.2kg, this morning after my 30min run I was 87.1kg seems to be a
lot, otherwise feeling good, tonight I will be playing badminton for
two hours, I never realised that this was such a hard energetic
sport!!! Two hours is a killer.
This morning muesli with fresh apple juice and coffee.


Stay with friends in burgany a magnificant farm house converted with
great style, mix of modern and French country.after a full day skiing
yesterday then a 5 hour drive to our friends in Brianny no eve run, so
this morning a good half hour run, beautiful countryside, see picture .

Friday, 19 February 2010

Saturday, the last day in the alps

25 min run in the beautiful sunrise
Last day of ski, long drive tonight

Friday more snow

Even more snow fell last night, the roads are very slippery. I got in
a 25 min run last night and a 25 min run in this morning. I did have
to make the last half a fast walk, the road was very slippery. All is
going well, visibility not very good fir skiing but hopefully that
will clear up. The Steele man says I have to get yellow goggles, and
or go cross country skiing....

Thursday, 18 February 2010

The snow has stopped

8am I was out on my 25min run, beautiful snow everywhere and not too
cold, here is a picture half way through my run. Did not get my
evening run in last night because of the conditions. It's going to be
interesting to weigh myself when I get home, looking forward to a
great days skiing

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Snow day

Well the snow has been falling since yesterday afternoon, we skied
till 5 pm last night in the freezing snow, even my children, who now
ski better than me!! Last night by the time I got back I did not get
my run in..... But this morning at 8am I did a 25min run. Not sure
when we will get up to the slopes today, will have to go put chains on
the car.

Monday, 15 February 2010

16 Feb 2010

This morning it's a bit cloudy, but we are promised sunshine soon. Got
in a good 25 min run this morning,last night 20 min run, it's very
cold though. Ready for another big day ski

Monday 15 Feb 2010

Monday morning beautiful sun, a good 20min run this morning, and last
light a 25 min run, this is hard up hill and down hill. Last night a
tartifet, a Swiss dish with potato cheese and bacon, not on my diet,
with salad. Full day skiing and two runs should help.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

14 feb 2010

Tuesday morning feeling great, up at 8 am a 20 min run, then 15 mins
of stretching. We are 15 people in the chalet so getting them going to
get out on the ski slopes is a big job.
Last night I made vegetable soup and roast chicken with potato's , I
did not eat the potato's.
Today's breakfast of champions.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Lunch time in the mountains

A little off diet today, I did get a 20 min run this morning, fruit
and Jordans country crisp for breakfast, but a potato tart for lunch!!
With salad and only drinking water. Have not found any scales yet, the
wieght update might have to wait till next Sunday
Beautiful sunny day skiing today

Sat morning

Sat morning, 20 min run and ready for a days ski
Valluoise 9am now the sun is up

Friday, 12 February 2010


3 hours on the road, delicious sandwiches from our local bakery little
off the diet though, oops. Did get a 3.5k run in this morning, ice
cold brrrrr
Another 5-6 hours of driving, I hope I don't have to put chaines on

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Phew now it's getting tough, 11.30 last night 88.8kg I am still
running two times a day, 3.5k each time, no starch drinking cakes/
dessert or cheese. I guess the next 4kg is going to take longer. We
are leaving for a weeks ski holiday in a few minutes, the updates now
are direcly from my phone

11 feb 2010

Today I had lunch with philippe Excoffier
Very very good, beef cheek! And I had to resist a nice glass of red

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

89KG (196.2lbs)

Ice and snow, the ground is hard as rock, but at 6.55am I was out running, did my 3.5KM feeling good about it, ready for the ski trip thats coming up, not sure how the diet will go while skiing, always cheese and fatty foods to eat, but skiing all day long is pretty good exercise. The Steele man has analyzed my running shoes, I emailed photo's of them, this is what he said "Looks like you pronate to the instep when you run (not an issue if you have running shoes that compensate for this). If you don't, then you could get sore ankles and knees. So given this, who dispensed these shoes? Did you choose them yourself or were they chosen by a running shop as a result of videoing you you running along? If the former (not the latter), then you might want to take yourself to a specialist running shop and get them to watch you run and advise you whether or not these are fine (so take them along). Or whether or not they need to dispense you a new pair of running shoes. A word of warning, a large chain store sports shop with a running machine and an employee who has been trained by a manual is not what you need. Find an independent shop owned by someone who knows what he is doing !!" So next step proper running shop, OK. Then there is how fast I run, I am now timing my 3.5 KM run, 25 minutes. The problem is this is not very accurate as I forget to look at the watch either on my return or the start!!!!
The estimate from the Steele man so far is "10.7 minute mileing" over 1.8 miles and that 8 minute mileing over 5 miles is your end of August target! " Yikes I have until August to get up to 5 miles, thats 8KM!!!


Here I am again, now down to 88.9 at bedtime, after my run this morning but before breakfast I was 87.6KG (193.1lbs) thats over a kilo overnight and a run! doesn't seem right to me. Otherwise its going really well now, I am even enjoying my run, not missing my 3 beers and 1 1/2 bottles of wine a day at all. Yikes and its really snowing now, makes it a bit slippery to run.
The picture I made with my telephone, not the best camera around! I am keeping to my deit very well, the only thing I am doing as my daughter points out is to eat plain yogurt (framage blanc) I really like the Jockey Fromage blac we get here.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


So this where I run everyday, nice place to run I think! So the weight game has changed, I have to weigh myself just before going to bed, this is strange as at 11.30pm I weighed 89.2KG(196.5lbs) but this morning at 7.30am after my morning run I weighed 88.3KG(194.5lbs) how can one lose weight while sleeping? anyway its still going down, last night grilled chicken with a little balsamic, steamed carrots and courgettes. This morning tangerine juice and jordans country crisp, banana and a coffee.
So I asked the Steele man about running while on our ski vacation, I have to run just once a day before breakfast, as the chalet in on a hill (yes french alps) do I run up first then return downhill, and I quote
"Go up first then to ensure that you get heat in your body!"

Monday, 8 February 2010


This morning after my run, but before breakfast, I am 88.7KG(195.5lbs)so the Steele method is going well,I did not have this for breakfast, in a few months I will treat myself to this!
I did have country crisp (Jordans) cereal with fresh made apple juice(no milk) then some fromage blanc (un flavoured yogurt)
So I am pushing on, I would think the run would be easier after a while, but it's still tough getting back home and I only run a little over 3KM. I really feel its the exercise 2 times a day is the trick, then next its eating not only less but cutting out the bread, potato's. Feeling good this morning.
Of course the Steel Man has to dash my feeling of accomplishment and I quote
"Your weight reduction is good however, losing 2kg as a result of a run is normal. To find your real weight you should weigh
yourself before you go to bed at night"
So tomorrow I will post my weight from tonight.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday 7th Feb 2010

Sunday, yet another food gathering..... these are a killer. This morning 20KM bike ride through the woods, very nice, but around here lots of hills so tough work, its always nice though to ride alongside the river, in a few months I will be waterskiing there, thats worth looking forward to.
Light breakfast then for the lunch magret de canard, duck breast from ducks that have been force fed, mmmm no drinking no potato just carrots and salad. and no cheese.... arrrggh this is tough
Going for a nice walk in a minute, then a serious run tonight at 7pm.
I asked the Steele man if I had to still run while I was on our ski vacation,,, I would say skiing is pretty good exercise, and here is what he said, I quote
"You will regret it if you don't! It will feel like your first time out if you take a week off. Only 1x 25 mins. run before breakfast shouldn't be too much of a problem should it?"
So there you are, while my perfect children prepare my breakfast I shall run up and down those very steep mountain roads.

Saturday, 6 February 2010


Saturday, my wifes birthday, small bike ride to buy all those french cakes for breakfast, I resist, only to take a small piece of baguette and jam with my coffee, what a sin..... didn't weigh myself yet, octopus for lunch with salad, very good, boiled for 20 mins with some herbs and spices. Fruit for dessert......... I am kind of getting used to this, even enjoying the extra exercise, but more "the exercise" would not go amiss though. Lots of fruit, that is the message.
Had an interesting comment from a nieghbor and I will quote, keep all this up, I need all the encouragement

Hello my friend, an advice from one of your fellow-citizen, Steve Winwood from Spencer Davis Group :

Keep on runnin'
Keep on ridin'
One fine day you're gonna be the one
Who's gonna lose some weight

Hey hey hey
Everyone is talkin' about you
Makes you feel so fat
Hey hey hey
Everyone is laughing at you
Makes you think of a diet and you
Keep on runnin'
Hey hey
All right!

Keep on swimmin'
Swimmin' with your arms
One fine day you're gonna be the one
Who's gonna win all the races
Oh yeah
You're gonna be thin, man

Hey hey hey
Everyone will starin' at you
Makes them feel envious
Hey hey hey
Everyone will talkin' to you
Wants to know your secret but you'll
Keep on runnin'
Hey hey
All tight!

Brno, a fellow-neighbour

Friday, 5 February 2010

YIKES, no wine

having asked the Steele Man if I could have a drink this weekend to congratulate myself for doing so well, 4KG in 2 weeks I would say pretty good! this is what he says, and I quote
"Having a drink and bit of a food reward once a week is, sorry to be harsh a bit too frequent at this stage of your programme. More rewarding would be Waiting until you get to 86 kg then reward yourself! The reward will feel better as you would have achieved a milestone!"
So I guess I have to make it to 86KG(189lbs)
So today I got up at
7am, ran for 25 minutes then stretched for 5 minutes and 50 sit-ups
Breakfast was Country Crisp cereal with whole milk and a little yogurt, then a banana
12 midday I swam for one hour none stop, fast crawl, and had homemade carrot soup and then tomato and avocado salad, for dessert a kiwi
6.30pm I plan on running 25 minutes and 5 mins stretch...... its only 5.30 so gotta get to it.
tonight for dinner we have lamb chops, soup and salad for me, the children get chips (fries) home made.

the diet begins

Well since 10 years I have been saying get in shape go on a diet, drink less..... always an excuse always tomorrow. So the 24th January I decided to do it. With the help of the Steele Man in the UK I am going well. I was 93.7 KG(206.5lbs) on the 24th Jan 2010, today the 5th Feb 2010 I am 89.4KG(197lbs) I asked a friend in the UK to help me, this is all done via email on our telephones (I am in France) I would like to include the first emil he sent me. I had said I wanted to get down to 83KG before march!! this is because at 48 years old I am going back to motorcycle racing, I was racing TZ 250 and 350 when I was 20 years old and weighed 79.5KG (175lbs) at 1.94m ( 6f 3in) as I am riding a 250cc machine I need to weigh less, and of course being in shape makes a huge difference. So here is his first mail
"Regarding the running, 9 kg in 3 months is only going to be achieved via discipline! So, none of the following until April 30th. Alcohol, wine cheese fois gras etc. In fact your diet must be Fruit with fat free yoghurt, Pasta (no rich sauces allowed) and grilled fish with salad or veg (no gravy). Halve all your portion sizes from what they were yesterday and ditch bread and toast. Then for exercise, at 6:30am hydrate 800ml of water over 20 mins while shaving then run for 25 minutes. Push up pace as high as possible for last 5 minutes. Repeat hydration and run at 6:30pm (times of day you take the exercise are not important, the 12 hour rest cycle however, is important). After the runs stick heel on a wall at hip height for 2 minutes per leg to stretch leg muscles. If knees and hips start aching then you are going to have to swim instead for 50 minutes in morning and 50 minutes in evening. Then last but not least increase sexual activity. Hope this helps.
Well there are some good points