Monday, 8 February 2010


This morning after my run, but before breakfast, I am 88.7KG(195.5lbs)so the Steele method is going well,I did not have this for breakfast, in a few months I will treat myself to this!
I did have country crisp (Jordans) cereal with fresh made apple juice(no milk) then some fromage blanc (un flavoured yogurt)
So I am pushing on, I would think the run would be easier after a while, but it's still tough getting back home and I only run a little over 3KM. I really feel its the exercise 2 times a day is the trick, then next its eating not only less but cutting out the bread, potato's. Feeling good this morning.
Of course the Steel Man has to dash my feeling of accomplishment and I quote
"Your weight reduction is good however, losing 2kg as a result of a run is normal. To find your real weight you should weigh
yourself before you go to bed at night"
So tomorrow I will post my weight from tonight.

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