Friday, 5 February 2010

YIKES, no wine

having asked the Steele Man if I could have a drink this weekend to congratulate myself for doing so well, 4KG in 2 weeks I would say pretty good! this is what he says, and I quote
"Having a drink and bit of a food reward once a week is, sorry to be harsh a bit too frequent at this stage of your programme. More rewarding would be Waiting until you get to 86 kg then reward yourself! The reward will feel better as you would have achieved a milestone!"
So I guess I have to make it to 86KG(189lbs)
So today I got up at
7am, ran for 25 minutes then stretched for 5 minutes and 50 sit-ups
Breakfast was Country Crisp cereal with whole milk and a little yogurt, then a banana
12 midday I swam for one hour none stop, fast crawl, and had homemade carrot soup and then tomato and avocado salad, for dessert a kiwi
6.30pm I plan on running 25 minutes and 5 mins stretch...... its only 5.30 so gotta get to it.
tonight for dinner we have lamb chops, soup and salad for me, the children get chips (fries) home made.

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