Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Steele Man

Some reassuring words from the Steele man, but no rewards yet!
"Francis. 5.7kg loss is good going. However, as you are aware, the loss rate is on a reducing sliding scale. So you now have to step up the work rate and get on a "power diet". Before this starts you need to get yourself into a couple of independent running shops to compare their shoe reccomendations and, buy yourself a watch that you can set to beep every minute during exercise. Mine's a Polar S810

I shall write up your power diet and revised exercise programme during this week. In the meantime keep up the good effort. You are doing well so pat yourself on the back (by the way, that's not code for open a bottle of wine)!!"
So I have to work even harder now... Yikes

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  1. beautiful
    dutch paint
    not a photo u made ?