Friday, 5 February 2010

the diet begins

Well since 10 years I have been saying get in shape go on a diet, drink less..... always an excuse always tomorrow. So the 24th January I decided to do it. With the help of the Steele Man in the UK I am going well. I was 93.7 KG(206.5lbs) on the 24th Jan 2010, today the 5th Feb 2010 I am 89.4KG(197lbs) I asked a friend in the UK to help me, this is all done via email on our telephones (I am in France) I would like to include the first emil he sent me. I had said I wanted to get down to 83KG before march!! this is because at 48 years old I am going back to motorcycle racing, I was racing TZ 250 and 350 when I was 20 years old and weighed 79.5KG (175lbs) at 1.94m ( 6f 3in) as I am riding a 250cc machine I need to weigh less, and of course being in shape makes a huge difference. So here is his first mail
"Regarding the running, 9 kg in 3 months is only going to be achieved via discipline! So, none of the following until April 30th. Alcohol, wine cheese fois gras etc. In fact your diet must be Fruit with fat free yoghurt, Pasta (no rich sauces allowed) and grilled fish with salad or veg (no gravy). Halve all your portion sizes from what they were yesterday and ditch bread and toast. Then for exercise, at 6:30am hydrate 800ml of water over 20 mins while shaving then run for 25 minutes. Push up pace as high as possible for last 5 minutes. Repeat hydration and run at 6:30pm (times of day you take the exercise are not important, the 12 hour rest cycle however, is important). After the runs stick heel on a wall at hip height for 2 minutes per leg to stretch leg muscles. If knees and hips start aching then you are going to have to swim instead for 50 minutes in morning and 50 minutes in evening. Then last but not least increase sexual activity. Hope this helps.
Well there are some good points

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