Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday 7th Feb 2010

Sunday, yet another food gathering..... these are a killer. This morning 20KM bike ride through the woods, very nice, but around here lots of hills so tough work, its always nice though to ride alongside the river, in a few months I will be waterskiing there, thats worth looking forward to.
Light breakfast then for the lunch magret de canard, duck breast from ducks that have been force fed, mmmm no drinking no potato just carrots and salad. and no cheese.... arrrggh this is tough
Going for a nice walk in a minute, then a serious run tonight at 7pm.
I asked the Steele man if I had to still run while I was on our ski vacation,,, I would say skiing is pretty good exercise, and here is what he said, I quote
"You will regret it if you don't! It will feel like your first time out if you take a week off. Only 1x 25 mins. run before breakfast shouldn't be too much of a problem should it?"
So there you are, while my perfect children prepare my breakfast I shall run up and down those very steep mountain roads.

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