Tuesday, 9 February 2010


So this where I run everyday, nice place to run I think! So the weight game has changed, I have to weigh myself just before going to bed, this is strange as at 11.30pm I weighed 89.2KG(196.5lbs) but this morning at 7.30am after my morning run I weighed 88.3KG(194.5lbs) how can one lose weight while sleeping? anyway its still going down, last night grilled chicken with a little balsamic, steamed carrots and courgettes. This morning tangerine juice and jordans country crisp, banana and a coffee.
So I asked the Steele man about running while on our ski vacation, I have to run just once a day before breakfast, as the chalet in on a hill (yes french alps) do I run up first then return downhill, and I quote
"Go up first then to ensure that you get heat in your body!"

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