Wednesday, 10 February 2010

89KG (196.2lbs)

Ice and snow, the ground is hard as rock, but at 6.55am I was out running, did my 3.5KM feeling good about it, ready for the ski trip thats coming up, not sure how the diet will go while skiing, always cheese and fatty foods to eat, but skiing all day long is pretty good exercise. The Steele man has analyzed my running shoes, I emailed photo's of them, this is what he said "Looks like you pronate to the instep when you run (not an issue if you have running shoes that compensate for this). If you don't, then you could get sore ankles and knees. So given this, who dispensed these shoes? Did you choose them yourself or were they chosen by a running shop as a result of videoing you you running along? If the former (not the latter), then you might want to take yourself to a specialist running shop and get them to watch you run and advise you whether or not these are fine (so take them along). Or whether or not they need to dispense you a new pair of running shoes. A word of warning, a large chain store sports shop with a running machine and an employee who has been trained by a manual is not what you need. Find an independent shop owned by someone who knows what he is doing !!" So next step proper running shop, OK. Then there is how fast I run, I am now timing my 3.5 KM run, 25 minutes. The problem is this is not very accurate as I forget to look at the watch either on my return or the start!!!!
The estimate from the Steele man so far is "10.7 minute mileing" over 1.8 miles and that 8 minute mileing over 5 miles is your end of August target! " Yikes I have until August to get up to 5 miles, thats 8KM!!!

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